Angela Perdon

Visual Designer. Part-time adventurer. Round-the-clock foodie.

From starting out almost 10 years ago in Account Management in one of Sydney's most prominent design agencies, she took her penchant for mucking around on the artworking team's computers, volunteering to mockup and mount concepts and (not-so) secretly poring over design annuals and magazines more seriously and decided to go back to school and study Graphic Design at Enmore Design Centre; it's been one of the best decisions she's ever made!

Since then she's had the opportunity to work in both Sydney and London, broadening her experience and skill-set across Software, Corporate & Financial, Energy, Market Research, Government, Sports and FMCG industries, encompassing UI/UX, web, branding, print, exhibition, presentation and packaging design.

She has an insatiable appetite for pretty books (and believes you totally should judge a book by it's cover.)  Sweets are her weakness, and she has been known to forego lunch in favour of cake. She is forever planning her next international adventure (next stop: Cebu, Philippines) and adding places to her ever increasing travel bucket list. She loves Jesus and is thankful for what He has done in and through her. 

She is currently Senior Visual Designer for Hudson Global Resources, providing design and creative direction for the organisation across its Asia Pacific offices.

To find out more about her design experience, download her CV here

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