A design project completed at Shillington Masterclass

CSIRO Australia gave a brief for the naming, identity creation and promotional material production for a new edible garden festival they were to launch in 2012.

Gardening for food has much been thought as the territory of farmers or those with lots of experience or lots of land to spare, this festival aimed to bring food gardening into the homes and apartments of families in urban areas and show that it is a fun, eco-friendly way of providing food on the table.


After much brainstorming, the name "Garden Fare" was developed, playing on both the "fair" or festival aspect of the event and "fare" being the edible/food aspect.

A retro-illustrative approach was taken to give the event a quirky, approachable feel and something that both adults and kids could be involved in alike. Illustrations were all hand drawn and in particular bespoke illustrations were created for each of the event sessions to further convey the fun atmosphere of the festival. A limited colour palette was chosen not only to add to the retro feel, but to further tie in with the sponsor's (CSIRO) logo.