The Brief

In June 2013, James Deacon taught a young boy named Holy in a small fishing village set against Lake Volta, in the Eastern Region of Ghana. James decided to sponsor Holy and gained him a place at a private boarding school in Accra, where his potential could be truly met. Seeing Holy settled and doing well in school, James decided it was time to expand his passion to help more children who find themselves in this difficult situation. In January 2015, Holy’s Home for Children was formed. 

We were approached to create a web presence to bring Holy and James' amazing story and the efforts of the charity to life.


Utilising captivating photography and bright, approachable colours and typography was integral to expressing the optimism and hope of the charity and the work it aims to achieve. Having a simple one-page scroll format enables the user to navigate easily through the story, as well as provides flexibility for the site to be easily expanded in the future.